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Veiws, in the form of prose.

Sometimes we see only what we want to see
We fail to see the truth.
Blinded by illogical perception,
And insecurities from within our youth.
At times we fail to notice,
The little clues behind the lies
There are times we fail to see
What sits before ones eyes.

We care only for what 'looks good'
What sounds and tastes like fun
Yet we fail to understand
Those this may hurt as we go along.
Hearts arrested and broken
Angel wings shattered and torn.
How much scandal makes one
How far and long 'til it is worn?

A life not ours we paw at
A life beyond what we know.
Simple, that we claim it
But their path we have not tread.
We do not rise and sleep,
There inside their beds.

When did it become our right to sit and stare
With voyeuristic eyes
watching others closely
And wheeling and dealing with their lives?
Is it our place to sell the 'scandal'
to take the mundane of life away?
To make judgments on a life less ordinary
another part of everyday?

We claim their life is better, bigger, totally carefree
Yet we see not the reality
Of what happens behind closed doors
Could be the same as you and me
We know not the truth of what happens,
Just sensationalize and stare
One day it will leave egg on the face
And I just hope to be there.

I have been reading some things, and well, these here are my thoughts.

Other than that, work has been insane. I have been away from those I love the most to continue working on something I love. I do love my job. Very much so, but it is bloody hard to be away from ones family as often as I tend to be at times. I guess the only way I stay sane when I don't see them for some long days when I end up sleeping at the office, is just by calling them, and being a little nutty.

I have had many people mention to me I seem so energetic and happy, I cope really well when having to be apart from them. Heh, nuts! It's not true. I miss them like crazy, so very much and I long to get home and wrap them in my arms... to never let them go. I am longing to get home now. The only thing that keeps me 'sane' (which is highly debatable) is knowing I love them and they love me no matter where I am, and they trust me, as I trust them. I can be my insane self and do my thing, do my work, yet they know... I am always their lover or father or brother, or whatever I am to them.

Family is a great thing.
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Family is important and I've sometimes almost wished that I had a larger one, despite being content with the one I had. Your job takes you away from them... but you will return to them soon, I'm sure. It's just those with you on your job have to put up with this 'nutty' you *laughs*.

This 'energetic and happy' you is the mask you put on to cover the fact you miss your family? It seems like a good idea if you need to keep up a professional face while on the job.

You seem much better nowadays. I'm happy for you that you've found your life.

Yes, family is indeed a great thing!
I have a large family now. Most of my family isn't even blood. My mother died when I was young, I only just discovered whom my real father was, the man I thought was my father was well.. an arse. So, yeah...

My workmates are used to my 'nuttiness', and well, they are like family too, so it makes it a bit easier to cope with.

I am not sure it is so much a mask, as it is perhaps just another part of me I draw on. I confuse myself a lot sometimes too and am beginning to realise I am not as simple a person as I like to pretend. Anywho. I love my job, even with all its occasional crapness, I love it. IT makes it easy to be happy and energetic, and for many years it filled a void I had, so it is special to me, it is just, I still feel a little empty without my family nearby. Does that make sense?

Thanks. Don't expect me to stay peachy though. I am still struggling through depression at times, getting there though. I got friends and family. It helps.
No one can be perpetually happy so I never expected you to be. But you are happy now and the now is what is important, something that most people forget when they dwell on the past or future too much. And besides, you have your family to help you through depressions. Don't hesitate to turn to them!

When I said 'mask', I mean it with a strong belief that each 'mask' you display is part of yourself. I know this because I've worn many 'masks' in my life, whether it was a demure courtier, a sharp-tongued young woman or the sage advisor... they are all a part of who I am and each is a 'mask' I wear in a specific situation.

I just need to remember once in a while to check that the mask that I'm wearing is truely a part of me, not just the me that others expect and/or wish to see.

To part from your family is hard. But when you're feeling a little too empty, remember that they are still there waiting for your return. Perhaps your family can travel with you?
There are places I travel to, where i would not like my family to be, for the simple fact they are dangerous places. I have an interesting job and there are many aspects to it. One if I am prepared to do the hard yards for my goals.

I once traveled to a planet admist the grips of a violent civil war... having previously escaping said planet myself, only to be greatly harmed in the process of doing my job. It concerns my family, but they understand why I do it.

My masks... well, I think they are all part of me, problem is I don't know who 'me' is half the time. It's difficult to explain and I am not sure you would believe me if I even tried.