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Peace, Love and Rock & Roll..figure of speech.

Aye, I finally time to update! I can say I found some peace to meself on Coruscant, and the holiday was fun and very much relaxing. Most of all I have time to be with me fiancée and kid, dear gods me lil' Irse is growing fast, it's hard to understand she is smiling and see the world so differently! She looks so much like her mum, spicey and with alot of temper, if she doesn't want anything she put up that face..it's cool to see that me kid is the joy of me life. At some piont Shaoirse also shares a part with me own mum, I can not explain it, it's just there.

 Me lil' Shaoirse

Well to more important things, I did not spoke to me father when I was away, me friends and family cleared explained how I must be and react to me dad and I must live this life as being a father me own and protect I think is the best! What B once said, I'm a grown up, nearly reaching thirty, what the feck was I thinking?  Stupid lil' git, I can not tolerate that me dad takes control over me again, that is finished.

I did follow the news and the gossips around B and his girlfriend, I can not believe what is true or not. I shall figure that out soon since me family is returning to Naboo, for we need a wedding to prepare.

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