Princess Jojo (princess_jojo1) wrote in swrp_naboo,
Princess Jojo


It's been a while since I last updated.. Thing is life's been pretty good to me. It's been relaxing. Quick recap. Aunt and uncle got married and are expecting a baby (yay), dad finally married my, now, stepmom (more yay!) and I've got a new friend. He's a brat but he's funny too. And occasionally sweet. My, other, uncle tells me he reminds me off dad when he was younger. And he's a La Cerra, not that I care it's just a name afterall. So dad pretty much went pale. It was funny. I think if I tease him more he might get angry, so I'll behave. For now. Hey this way I can threathen to run off on him, which I wouldn't. But dad worries about me to much. I know he was young when he had me and doesnt regret it, but he doesnt want me to make his mistakes. Which I won't. I'm still to much off a kid to even consider one off my own. No thank you.
So yes. Life's good on this end, about time it was too. To bad my one uncle doesnt have this thing, I want to tease him over his new girl. Teehee.
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