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Wow, it has been a very long time since I have had chance to even sit down and breathe, let alone update this thing.  It appears to me I am not the only one that has been neglecting their N-Journal.  Not that it surprises me. Life can get rather hectic...

Since I last posted, much has happened.  I am not sure where to start really.  Some of it is monumental to me and my life.  Some of it, monumental to the lives of others and some of it... is just there.  I know, not making much sense am I?  But then when have I ever?

Okay, lets list the important to me things... cuz I am going to be concieted like that.

I married the most amazing woman in the universe.  Seriously, I don't know how she puts up with me at times. She is so smart, so funny, so talented, and she is an amazing mother to my kids.  Absoloutely amazing.  I am still at a loss to know how she manages to juggle all she does, when I struggle to juggle about as much as her, maybe even less.  I do love her though, and I haven't been happier. 

I am also a father again.  My wife and I, we had a beautiful little boy... and his big sister adores him.  There is such a huge age gap between the two, still.. I can see they will be close.  I love just spending time with them and well, all my family.  I am such a softy.  Sadly with all that is going on I am finding it hard to get time, and a baby.. as much as I love the boy.  He does kinda make it hard to get time alone, with my wife.... so we left the kids with a babysitter and ran away for a little.  We need it.

Speaking of babysitter, that was an odd thing.  a lot of odd, painful things about that, and seeings as I am still on holiday I do not want to focus on that too much right now.  I am glad to have her back in my life though.

Then, there is work.  I have many areas of work at the moment and all are as stressful as the other.  some are worse, especially those that rely on the help and actions of huge numbers of people to work.  Crisis almost occured through the daft actions of one and it took a lot of effort and begging to actually cause it to simmer some, at least on one side.  The other side... well... I won't hold my breath. 

My emotions have been ragged at times, until this week that I have got away with the wife.  There has just been mess after mess... and I think we all know what I can be like.  I have the temper from hell at times.  How my wife puts up with it is beyond me, but then... she just needs to look at me sometimes and I know when I put a toe out of line.

Oh, my daughter also had her 15th birthday.  I had my 30ish one.  I can't believe how quickly the time flies. One day you are in your twenties coming to a new planet... to being in your thirties, with three kids.  Its insane.  I wouldn't change it though, not even the crap that got me here.  Does that hur? Sure, of course my past still stings... but... I am getting there.  I have my loving family.

I'd be screwed without them.  I really would.

Anyway, I better head off and go hide out with the missus again.  She's asleep, so I took the chance to update quickly. Now I am going to shut this thing off and cuddle with her.

It's nice to have a holiday.
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