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Entry #00003 [Holima 5, 3348] 20:19

What is it with my luck and space pirates? The flight to Malastare I was on got attacked *again* and this time we were diverted to Caleigh. Yes, Caleigh, the homeplanet of one of my ex-students (Master Zwinmar these days if I heard correctly *gives him an intergalatical pat on the head, standing on tiptoes*)... right when I'm looking not to have contact with the past for the time being, it thrusts me onto the proverbial street that leads to home. I think Caleigh is still allied to Naboo these days...

Oh well, it's a planet. It's big and round and goes all roly-poly around a star which just happens to be their sun. Like those repulsor rides for children at fairs and carnivals. Round and round... wheeeee~~

Ok, if people did not think this was the diary of a senile woman, they most certainly would now. And you know what, I just realised I don't give a bucket of Bantha dung if they do, though if they use this to prove the overall insanity of Jedi in general, then I won't be a happy little Force-user.

Getting sidetracked here.

The space pirates were a pitiful bunch with no sense of place and timing for their attacks. Or maybe they were just unlucky. Or maybe we were just lucky. Either way, some Jedi argue that there's no such thing as coincidence and officially, I am one of those due to the philosophy of the Force. Unofficially, coincidence is just weird sometimes.

Here's what happened. We were pulled out of hyperspace by these pirates and before I was even able to twitch my hand at them (by Duma and Malbolgia, sarcasm from a Jedi Master!) their flagship was caught in a tractor beam and two squadrons of fighters swarmed all over their half a dozen ships like Sith and Jedi to the Throne Room bar in the old days. Only two of the pirates' ships got away, the rest were detained or destroyed. Our cruiser, which was pulled forcibly from hyperspace, had damaged hyperspace engines and therefore hand to land and make repairs. A glance out the window had my hand slapping my forehead. The crest of Caleigh adorned the ships of our valiant rescuers.

We landed at their spaceport and those with passports that were good for getting onplanet without visas were allowed off, provided we left our comm contact details with them, so once again, I find myself wandering streets and half-hoping that I'd run into a familiar face. I'd used an altered official alias of mine from Naboo, though the photo attatched was still mine and passed through customs as unhindered as a military-like planet as I could without the use of the Force. I wonder if Zwinmar had my name flagged in the database systems of his planet... if so, I hope this ID was good enough to fool it as it was made prior to his apprenticeship to me if my old memory serves me correct.

I stopped a newsstand near the spaceport and picked up a local paper as well as a copy of the Coruscant Weekly when another piece of media caught my eye. It was one of those women's gossip holomags from Naboo. What was it doing there on Caleigh?

I purchased all three and went off to find a cafe to read in.

Half an hour later, I grin into my cup of decaf caf. Nothing ever changes. Naboo is still Naboo where anything could happen. It made me remember a rumor that I'd heard from someone on Naboo. Apparently there's a return of an old monarch of some sort though bets are up for which one it is. It makes me want to return to Naboo to find out for myself but somewhere in the back of my tingly Force senses, it tells me that it still is not time.

And whoever said that I had no patience... in your face, Master Realm! Though let's not continue down that line of thought...

I hear that Naboo is slowly getting back on its feet after the last bout of attacks from yet-another-evil Force that wanted to bring about the destruction of Naboo.

They manage fine without me which made me wonder, how much help was I in the past invasions and crisis?

Rage, Khensu, Oblivion's Hand, Dark Lianna... Sithspit, I've lost count and that's pretty sad, a Jedi only able to count to four. Joking joking...

Memory lane is not what it once was. Need to stop walking down and wearing out the pavement.

Now is a time for relaxing though, I am recharging my battery so I can handle being thrown back into the intricacies of Nubian court intrigue. These past years has taught me many things in life. The time to return to Naboo is soon but not now.

I need to learn to live in the now rather than the past. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone my age who dwelled on the past as much as I do, I think. But I think I mentioned before, age in years does not represent who one is, it is the experience one has gained that shows the way to the future.

I think I'll be on Caleigh for a few days, wonder where's a good hotel...
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