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This community is an extension of the chat based Star Wars roleplay called: Star Wars Rp, Planet Naboo. This is an "In-Character" Live Journal.

It is a time of chaos in the Republic.
The galaxy is at war. Coruscant and the core worlds are under the tyrannical grip of Emperor Thundercraft who slowly consolidates ever more worlds into his empire.

Naboo has been rendered radioactive and uninhabitable after a truly massive ship nearly crashed onto the planet during a siege by a cabal of Sith who call themselves 'The Immortals'.

The only survivors were those who fled to space, most of them landing on Rori, Naboo's jungle moon where they live in primitive conditions. Aerial platform housing has been built onto Rori's sturdy trees and connected by rope bridges.

There Queen Shalee La Cerra rules what few are left of her people.

Despite heavy losses during the Siege of Naboo rebels continue to resist the Empire with what little resources remain to them.

It is a world with many ties to the Jedi, guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.
Though largely forgotten by the greater Senate, Naboo was poised to enter a period of prosperity and peace.
But then, out of the darkest chapter in Jedi history, their greatest enemies, the Sith, revealed themselves anew and sought to control Naboo as the first step in their larger conquest of the galaxy.

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